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About the Flag

Every nation has a flag as a visual identifier of the nation and its property, such as military ships. 


A flag typically contains symbols of national history, structure, policy, or natural resources.

In the UTL flag, the blue sky signifies wide-open freedom and unlimited potential.

The gold band symbolizes the Golden Rule, prosperity, and a golden opportunity for citizens.


The central feature of the UTL flag is the Tree of Liberty.


This tree will always have just 3 branches to symbolize the 3 branches of government:  Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.


The number of leaves represents the number of Territories.


Each identical leaf has 3 lobes signifying that the Territory, just like the Common Government, has 3 branches in its Territorial Government.  The 3 lobes are equal in size and shape, and merged together to form the leaf.


The tree shown above has 3 leaves, corresponding to the planned initial number of 3 Territories.

The relatively large leaves make it look like a seedling, which it is.


If the UTL is established with more than 3 Territories, or when a new Territory is added, one leaf will be added to one of the branches.  The size of all the leaves will be reduced but remain equal to each other, while the trunk and branches remain at their original size.  This will keep the crown of the tree roughly constant in area, while appearing more mature as the leaves get proportionally smaller and more numerous.


The roots are currently seeking land to support the tree.


10 roots represent the 10 Commandments.  The roots are shaped like lightning bolts, because lightning is from above, it’s powerful, and it seeks ground.


When the UTL gains a geographical home, the flag will be updated as shown above.  The tree roots become gold and are  embedded into the land, represented by the new green band.


These modifications distinguish the new Post-Founding UTL flag from the Preliminary flag.

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