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Have you had enough of:

  • U.S. Government now exceeding  31 Trillion dollars in debt, and borrowing over 3 Trillion dollars every year. That’s over 8 Billion new dollars borrowed every day.  
    Interest payments on that debt exceed one Billion dollars per day, and are growing.

  • Congress funding abortions with your tax dollars

  • Without passage of law, governors and mayors shutting down activities such as communal worship, restaurant dining, business operations, public gatherings, and private gatherings, in the name of “public safety”.  Many of those same officials, however, allowed rioters to burn down private property, destroy public property, and assault innocent people.



  • “Diplomatic Immunity”.  In 2014, the Ambassador to the U.S. from Equatorial Guinea assaulted a woman in Arlington, Virginia, causing a severe laceration to her head.  But due to Diplomatic Immunity, Arlington Police could not arrest him nor charge him with a crime



  • Congress specifying that the 1964 Civil Rights Act Title 7, which outlaws discrimination in employment, does not apply to companies with “fewer than 15” employees, “Native American” companies, and many offices of the Federal Government





  • The U.S. Postal Service falling billions of dollars deeper into debt every year, with Congress continuing to grant it a perpetual business monopoly


  • Politicians pushing for a tax on the release of carbon dioxide*, an invisible gas emitted naturally in the breath of people and animals, in volcanic eruptions, and from combustion of organic fuels, including clean fuels


*Carbon dioxide is essential to the survival of trees and plants, yet many politicians claim that a new tax on carbon dioxide will “Save The Planet” from global warming.

COTUS contains flaws

These abuses of power haven't been stopped by the U.S. Constitution, because the U.S. Constitution contains flaws and gaps that have been exploited by unscrupulous politicians.

If the Constitution hasn't stopped these abuses, what’s the likelihood they will ever be stopped by lawmakers, courts, or voters?


Despite decades of news exposure, watchdog groups, and voter awareness campaigns, the abuses have only increased.

It’s time to consider a new set of laws, at the highest level, which cannot be legally ignored or misinterpreted.

It’s time to consider the Constitution of the United Territories of Liberty.

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